Mayisi 6 vtangavor or

The 6 most important days of May

May 2 — Beginning of retrograde movement of Pluto

Pluto retrograde is a period when this powerful planet appears to be moving backwards from our perspective on Earth. This is a time when feelings and events can be volatile and unexpected. Be careful when communicating with others and do not make decisions based on emotions. Try to avoid conflict situations and be tolerant.

May 13 — Conjunction of the Sun and Uranus

This day can bring unexpected turns and force us to face unforeseen problems. Try to avoid jealousy and envy, because they can become a source of conflicts in personal and business spheres. Be patient and strive for a peaceful solution to the problems that arise.

May 15 – Mercury enters Taurus

Mercury in Taurus brings stability, but can also cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Be careful when making decisions and do not rush into promises or important steps. Maintain clarity of thought and avoid being overly reactive.

May 18 — Venus conjunct Uranus and Jupiter on the Sun

This day represents a special astrological configuration that can bring difficulties and instability in various areas of life. Be careful and avoid unnecessary risks. Try to focus on maintaining emotional balance and avoid unnecessary stress.

May 23 — Venus conjunct Jupiter

This time can be difficult for our thoughts and emotions. Try to solve problems quickly and don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Maintain a positive attitude and act responsibly, even when the situation seems difficult.

May 25 — Jupiter enters Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini can create a tangle of thoughts and ideas, making it difficult to make decisions at times. Be consistent in your actions and keep your promises to avoid trouble in the future. Keep your thoughts clear and don’t let yourself get distracted from your goals.

May 31 — Conjunction of Mercury and Uranus

The last day of the month can also challenge our emotional stability. Maintain a positive attitude and avoid undue stress. Try to find a balance between work and rest to maintain energy and a good mood.



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