St. Hovhannes Chapel is located on the side of the Hermit Mountain (2197m) in the Hartagiugh community of Lori region, on one of the inaccessible heights of the Pambak mountain range. The chapel was built in 1958 in the place where the remains of St. John are buried. To reach the chapel, you have to walk about 3 km up the mountain. You reach the mountainside, remember your cherished goals and move forward. You climb the first few hundred meters in silence, talking to God in your mind. Little by little, your breathing quickens, your steps slow down. Reaching the nearest convenient rock, you want to catch your breath for a few minutes.The road is difficult but easy to find, you will not get lost because you are not alone on the road. The road to the chapel is almost always crowded. People come alone, in groups, with relatives who are sick and need help. The first question people meet on the road is, “Is there still a long way to go?” “Yes, you reach the high point, after that you go up another 1.5 kilometers and you will reach it.” Tired and already reddened by the sun, they thank each other, wish each other the fulfillment of their goals and move on. There is only one tree in the middle of the road, under the shade of which almost everyone sits down to catch their breath. It is an impression that God tried to help the ascending believers through nature, but that gift people made a “dream” tree by hanging socks, underwear, even a belt on the tree. There are 5 small tables for lighting candles inside the chapel. Among the many burning candles, on top of the melted candles, you can barely find a place to put a candle. Inside, there are crosses and icons as big as khachkars, or maybe more.


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