Terrible tragedy in Yerevan. the kindergarten pianist died, two of the children are in the hospital

According to, during the holidays, an extraordinary case was registered in kindergarten No. 54 in Yerevan.

After the festive events and performances of the garden on December 28, the health condition of the pianist of the garden deteriorated sharply and she died on January 3. It turned out that he had a meningococcal infection (ed. includes all infections caused by Neisseria meningitidis, it is best known as the causative agent of meningitis) and went to work on those days.

After the pianist’s death on January 3, kindergarten students and staff were urgently vaccinated. Ara Nersisyan, director of polyclinic No. 12, confirmed this information in a conversation with us.

“The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention informed us on the evening of December 31, as a result of our cooperation, they found out the amount of vaccines we have, we said that we have enough. After making the clarifications on December 31, we started working on duty from January 1, we vaccinated 12 adults from the kindergarten staff and three kindergarten students, and we began to carry out more intensive and large-scale vaccinations in the following days.

104 people applied to us, we took a BAC analysis, as of now, no one has been confirmed to have the infection, the answer came back negative,” Ara Nersisyan told According to our interlocutor, all the direct contacts with the deceased pianist were examined and vaccinated. Two kindergarten students are currently hospitalized with high fever and other complaints.

Mr. Nersisyan mentioned that the hospitalized children were examined and had a negative response to the infection. According to our information, the deceased pianist went to a medical facility on December 31 with acute stomach pains and died on January 3.


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