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A remarkable incident happened today. In one of the routes, the self-esteem of an elderly woman has drastically deteriorated. He lost consciousness and passed out.

“Everything happened very suddenly. Suddenly we saw that a woman, putting her hand near her heart, was falling down slowly. Her husband barely held her and tried to sober her up.

Fortunately, at that moment, there was also a very smart boy in the same transport,” the eyewitnesses say, adding…
The young man, asking his husband several clarifying questions, laid the woman on his back and sat kneeling next to her. Then he would bring his head closer to the woman’s heart and wait. when there was a complete and total cessation of heartbeat, he performed myocardial massage..

Eyewitnesses say that the boy was only 18 years old, a first-year student. had a professional education, but still the courage and determination shown by that boy, whose name was Vige, really helped to save that woman’s life…
After performing other first aid measures, after some time, the woman regained consciousness, even tried to stand up, but they did not let her. Her husband took her in a taxi


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