On another topic. A gem from that treasure was sent to us the next morning by a little boy with the following inscription: “As a sign of thanks. In 1886 of our confession on the night of August 15”. Here is that gem. In the garden It was a May day, beautiful weather.
You are aimless in the green garden․ I was walking and red roses I smelled strong spirits. On the trees, among the branches
The birds were singing, chirping, And below, on the ground, a stream flowed And raising a very sweet brother.
What do I suddenly see, right then? By the rose bush, like an angel, Head bowed on humble shoulder A sleepy, lovely girl was standing. Black, fiery eyes, and arched brows, Black amber hair, rosy cheeks, Sycamore height, ruddy mouth,
Small legs and thin waist… Oh, oh, I’m dead… As the sun Suddenly he smiled and quickly It did not disappear as a phenomenon And my heart and soul, oh, he took with him… And then lost my mind With my arms crossed and sleep deprived, I always wander in that garden But that angel, oh, I don’t see either… It was already quite late. The village was completely peaceful. only the barking of dogs could be heard. Suddenly, the door of the garden fence was slammed and at the same time, the voice of Khechan was heard from outside.


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