Koch Bez-Rukov

One of the biggest secrets of modern Russian cinema was revealed in January 2013. As reported by “Armenpress” citing Russian media, actor Sergey Bezrukov admitted that he played “Vysotsky”. Спасибо, что живой” to the main actor of the film. The film was shown on Russia’s first channel on January 25, Vladimir Vysotsky’s birthday.

In addition to the confession, the actor also presented the photos showing how he is fixed with a unique plastic make-up. Makeup artist Tatyana Melkomova and Pyotr Gorshenin worked on the creation of the actor’s image. Bezrukov said that he really liked the role of Vysotsky, which left a deep mark on his acting.

“I think that many people are very jealous of me, and I feel it,” said the actor. Nikita Vysotsky was also tried to play the role of Vysotsky, but Bezrukov’s candidacy was confirmed.


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