Little Erdoğan and Ilham, it was necessary․․․

Iranologist Vardan Voskanyan wrote:

“During the thousands of demonstrations and rallies in support of the Palestinian resistance in the cities of Atrapatakan in Iran, they did not forget to “mention” the head of the Baku regime and the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In one of them, addressing the Atrapatakan protesters, the leader of the rally says in Atrapatakan Turkish: “Both small-minded Erdogan and small-minded Ilham, if necessary, we will come․․

Including Azerbaijan in the quadrilateral declaration in Granada without its participation is a wrong approach. Ilham Aliyev told the President of the European Council Charles Michel about this during a telephone conversation.

Aliyev emphasized that Azerbaijan did not participate in the Granada meeting because of France’s position.



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