If you changed your last name․․

If you changed your last name to your spouse’s last name, find out

“According to practice, during marriage, a woman can express her desire to take her husband’s surname, and in this case, the marriage certificate states that

the wife’s father’s last name is this and during the marriage she will bear such and such a last name,” said lawyer Marat Atovmyan in an interview with Iravaban.net.

According to him, this is the basis so that the woman does not have to change other documents she received before marriage.

“During a divorce, especially if the relationship between the spouses is irreconcilable, there are cases when the woman no longer wants to bear the last name of her ex-husband, and in this case, if it is possible for the divorce to be registered in the State Civil Service, then the woman can already express her desire. that his original surname be recorded in the divorce certificate.

If the divorce takes place through the court, in this case, when the court decision enters into legal force and the woman applies to the Civil Registry Office to register the divorce and receive a divorce certificate, she can submit an appropriate application that she wants to return her former surname. , in this case the surname will already be changed,” Atovmyan noted.



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