I was in Baku

 I was in Baku, I swam in the Caspian Sea. Armush

I have been to Artsakh a lot, I can’t find words to describe that pain. I went there for the first time in 1988. I served there, in Mataghis.

Actor Armush told about this during the YouTube program “Live Talks with Nazeni Hovhannisyan”.
“I was in Baku when I was 7 years old, my grandmother took me. I have been there twice, I also swam in the Caspian Sea,” said Armush, talking about his roots.

He states that his mother was from Banants (Utik province-group of the historical Greater Hayek), speaks Azerbaijani and Turkish, his father’s side is from Yerevan, and his grandmother’s mother is from Van.

In response to the question about Artsakh cost, Armush said that he cannot imagine himself without Artsakh. “I’m thinking, and I realized that I’m going to get mad. Then I realized that I have a family, many people look at my hand, but I go at night… I went a lot, I toured a lot with Levon Hayrapetyan. I miss my mother’s village. By the way, when Sumgait started, the Azerbaijanis came and said, “We want to buy your house, not occupy it, and we left our house and went out.”



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