I am Amazed


NOTE Case. The Azerbaijani seller of the store in the US said something to me in a low voice. Amazed, never would have expected

I have been a permanent resident of the USA for 15 years. I am a 53-year-old woman, and to be honest, it was quite difficult for me to adapt to such new conditions. Although I don’t feel so bad because my two daughters, my son and 3 grandchildren are here and they receive me with great love.

However, I will remember this incident for the rest of my conscious life. Once again, when I had already started to navigate the streets of the USA, my son allowed me to go to the store alone and buy whatever I needed.

Ah in my heart, I entered a store where a man with a Caucasian appearance was the seller. I did my shopping and was about to leave, when I suddenly got brave and asked if that gentleman was Armenian. He looked at me and answered: no, I am Azerbaijani.

As I was leaving the store, I heard the man’s monologue: “Wouldn’t I be happy if I were Armenian?” I am amazed, I would never have expected to hear such a thing from an Azerbaijani. Now I appreciate my nation more.


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