This angel 

On September 27, the Zakaryan family was preparing to emigrate like everyone else.

Arpine tells MediaHub that the sons of her husband, Artur’s sister, were also affected by the explosion that took place in the warehouse of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine on September 25.

The family waited until the victims were transported by helicopter to Armenia, the next day it was their turn.

“We collected the necessary things, prepared food for the children, we waited until the children woke up and we left the house, especially since the city was getting empty.

There was internal anxiety and panic after the explosion. Alexandra woke up and sleepily came straight to where one of our relatives had put boiling water in a container, twisted her leg and fell into that container,” recalls the young mother, noting that she and Arthur waited longer than usual for Alexandra’s birth. 7 years.

The parents did not lose themselves, took off the child’s clothes, broke through the traffic jams of the city and rushed to the children’s hospital to save the baby’s life. “There was no doctor in the children’s hospital.

After the medical personnel who received burns from the explosion were sent to Armenia, they also left. From there, we went to the republican medical center without wasting time.

My life was terribly hard, my child was in pain. Here, the doctors provide first aid, inject Alexandra, assure her that there is nothing to worry about and that you can carry her.

During that time, Alexandra kept saying “mom, I want to sleep”, the doctors said “let her sleep, that way she won’t feel much pain”. Alexandra closed her eyes and did not open them again. a cardiac arrest was registered,” the young woman wept.

According to her mother, although Alexandra was 3 years and 3 months old, she was full of life, moving, lively child. In the neighborhood, from the oldest to the youngest, they were known as Alexandra’s parents.

“He even talked to strangers, got to know everyone, made friends, had an ear-piercing laugh, a very happy child… She was everyone’s favorite, my heart hurts when I talk about my daughter, heartache is different.”

Then came the difficulties. Alexandra’s family also had to move to Armenia. The parents decided that even if there was no other car, they would take him in their arms. With the help of Arthur’s friends, the girl’s body is taken to Armenia in another car. His parents buried him in Masisi region.

What happened in the Zakaryan family on the day of deportation was a tragedy. The young couple have another son. Artyom, who was very attached to his sister, misses him every day.

Arpine and Arthur are spoiled with their daughter’s photos and videos, which they carefully save on their phones. Leaving the life and homeland of happy years far away, they came to Armenia and rented an apartment in Yerevan.

Arpine, as she says, does needlework and beadwork at home in order not to go crazy. He embroiders on different types of cloths, makes tablecloths with interesting and different ornaments, creates images on clothes.

He started a small business project. The Instagram account “Alexandra_handmade” also accepts orders.



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