How NOT to dye an Easter egg

Colorful easter eggs in Denmark

How NOT to dye an Easter egg

What colors can and cannot be dyed eggs for Easter?

The “classic” color (and the true symbol of Easter) is red, symbolizing the shed blood of Jesus. The church tradition is also connected with this color: Mary Magdalene came to tell the Roman emperor Tiberius about the resurrection of Christ. However, it was not possible to reach the ruler without gifts. But the woman had only a chicken egg with her, which she decided to present to him with the words “Christ is risen”. Tiberius doubted what Mary said, laughingly replying that he would believe her only in one case, if the white egg turned red. At the same moment it happened, after which the emperor exclaimed: “He is risen indeed.”

But, of course, you can paint the eggs in other colors, and many people put their own meaning in each shade. Thus, yellow symbolizes the sun and prosperity, and green symbolizes the rebirth of all living things and the wish of health to a loved one (who can simply be given an Easter egg as a gift). Blue – embodies strong forces and peace, brown – fertility.

But there are many contradictions related to black color. some believe that it represents the birth of a new life, and others, on the contrary, assure that under no circumstances should eggs be painted black, as it is traditionally associated with death, grief and sorrow. mourning, and Easter is a bright holiday that symbolizes resurrection and eternal life.



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