It turned out! The cardinal sins of each zodiac sign

Astrologers agree that the stars are responsible for certain shortcomings of the representatives of the ten zodiac signs, and no matter how hard you try, getting rid of them will not be easy.

What are the most common sins committed by different signs of the zodiac?

A ruthless Aquarius can easily play sincere sadness for your fate, but after five minutes forget what compassion and conscience are in general. Acting skills: 10 points.

The indifference of fish to miserable people knows no bounds, but they are just flowers. And berries are revenge. Do you remember the movie “Jaws”? And don’t forget.

Anger and aggression Aries takes over the city. This walking grenade – step left, step right – an explosion of emotions and curses. Aries anger can only be calmed by love or not.

The possessiveness and selfishness of Taurus surprise and delight at the same time. If anyone can take candy from a kid, it’s him. And the conscience does not suffer, because it is not there when it comes to his property.

Books can be written about the duplicity and deception of Gemini. this sign lies so beautifully and enthusiastically that you won’t doubt his crystal honesty for a minute. Trust, but verify.

Cancer never wants bad things for anyone, because it can make you worse. Why dirty claws, that is, hands? And it’s all your own fault.

The noble and magnificent Leo is guided by the rule “do not praise yourself, everyone will praise you.” The pride of the lion can be compared to Everest, but regardless of what amuses the cat. The rest should be taken for granted.

All signs are like signs, and Virgo is a proud level 80. This sign is not only sure that not all fools are treated, but also does not consider it necessary to teach someone. But it’s easy to get annoyed with anyone and everyone, he has this kindness in abundance.

Libra is the most mysterious sign, and its sins are mysterious. Such that you cannot understand without a fortune teller. Some may reproach the sign with excessive cheerfulness and the ability to get out of the most difficult situations. What can I say, we are silently jealous.

Scorpio is terrible at everything, from the tips of the fingers to the tips of the tail. But the strongest is his desire to manipulate others. The satanic puppeteer and lustful member of the astrology gang deserves the first place in the ranking of tyrants.

Sagittarius is not far behind Scorpio and casts a shadow over all the harmless sins of his friends. On the one hand, this sign dreams of unlimited power, and on the other hand, he is too lazy to achieve it in honest ways. The perfect sect leader!

Moral violence, blackmail and criticism, which Capricorn does not resort to, for the sake of the desired victory. If this sign decides to force someone to do something close, put out the candles. Information freaks, what to say?


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