Here are the children of the great actor Samvel Sargsyan

As you know, the beloved and great actor Samvel Sargsyan said goodbye to his earthly life… It is known that his life was broken when his family members and relatives died during the earthquake… The actor did not like to talk about his family and personal life, but few people know that he has two wonderful children, besides, he is from different women. We bring to your attention details about them:
Speaking in one of his interviews, Samvel Sargsyan said the following about his children:
— My firstborn is from my first wife, he is a serious boy, a soldier, and my daughter is from another woman. I love both of them very much, I am happy that I was able to make brother and sister friends, regardless of the fact that they are from different mothers. I look, my heart is glorified. By the way, I should say that my son and daughter met each other quite late in their teenage years. Moreover, my daughter knew that she had a brother, but my son did not know that he had a sister. Let me say that my son is similar to me in character, and my daughter is the granddaughter of Sos Sargsyan.


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