Hayer, Khabenski

Konstantin Khabensky is one of the most famous and outstanding actors of Russia, the so-called “Face of Time”, a star of theater and cinema, who is always surrounded by an army of dedicated fans. 2018 Khabensky’s directorial debut is the film “Sobibor”. During his career, the actor won many governmental, state, cinema and theater awards. Khabensky is also widely known in Russia for his charity projects. in 2008 he founded a charitable foundation in his name, which helps children with brain tumors. The “Khabensky” charity foundation does everything possible to ensure that children with cancer and other brain diseases receive the necessary medical care on time and return to a full life. 2010-2017 Khabensky opened non-commercial centers for children’s creative development throughout Russia. 2018-2020 He was a member of the Board of Experts of the Aurora Award. Khabensky’s greatest popularity was brought to him by the TV series “Deadly Force” and the films “Night Watch” and “Day Watch”. In 2008, the actor created a charitable foundation that organizes assistance to children with cancer and other serious diseases of the brain, and it was in this capacity that he addressed President Putin during a direct line, despite the fact that he was attending the People’s Artist of Russia award ceremony in In 2012, Khabensky came to the Kremlin with a homemade “Children are out of politics” badge. The actor’s latest high-profile success was the main role in the TV series “Method.”


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