Hayeli Meri

The Secret of the Mirror. A mirror is not as common an object as it may seem at first glance, it is very difficult to live without a mirror. It should be combined: Mechanical Engineering, Medicine and Astrology. All of them have mirror products that occupy an important part in everyday life. The history of the mirror begins in the Bronze Age;

When metal ore was discovered, people began to understand how to polish pieces of bronze and steel into thin sheets. However, the invention of the mirror was made by the Venetian Masters, who were the first to use this new technology, using foil instead of liquid oil, which was covered with a layer of mercury and a glass surface. The Venetian highline technology was kept in strict secrecy, and the Venetians were forbidden to release it outside the city, because they were very expensive, so only high-ranking people could afford to enjoy this beauty. Queen Marie de’ Medici of France ordered 119 Venetian mirrors to decorate her house. In response to the queen’s care, Italian masters gave her a canvas carved with precious stones, which is still in the Louvre Museum.

After Louis XIV’s spies learned the secret of mirror making, the King himself started production. Because of those sales, the price dropped so much that already in the 18th century, 2-3 Parisians could boast of having mirrors in their homes. They were placed in picture frames, and fashionable women carried small mirrors that were fastened with chains, from the moment they were discovered, mirrors began to be attributed magical properties, in the Middle Ages they were considered the creation of the devil, they were treated with caution in fear of it all, the person who broke the mirror had 7 years of failures waiting for it, in order to get rid of them, it was necessary to bury the fragments with a special ritual.


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