Hakobyan sisters

But, fortunately, many people managed to get out of the hall and escape, saving their lives. Among those lucky ones were the Hakobyan sisters, who came to spend a pleasant evening, but the unexpected happened. They told that. They had already entered the hall and were going up, when they suddenly noticed that people were rushing here and there irregularly. At first we didn’t understand what was happening, we thought it was some kind of show, some pre-arranged thing, but after a few seconds, it happened…

We were together, me and my younger sister. At that moment, we still didn’t know what was happening or who they were, but that was not important, the important thing was to get out of there. Fortunately, I quickly made up my mind and thought that the only effective solution at the moment is that. Thank God, luck smiled on us. I don’t even remember how long we lay motionless on the floor, but it seemed like an eternity. We turned our heads slowly only when we realized from the sounds that there are already law enforcement officers in the hall.


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