A touching case. The 4-year-old Gor Adshmyshn was… DETAILS

A terrible tragedy happened on Friday, December 15

In the city of Lancaster, Los Angeles County. 4-year-old Gor Adamyan was shot in front of his parents, Nation World News wrote…

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s statement, around 7:30 p.m., the couple went out to buy groceries with their four-year-old son, who was sitting in the back seat of the car, when another driver stopped them and then followed them.

When the family stopped the car, another driver approached their car and started shooting, killing the four-year-old boy.

When the shots were heard, people from nearby businesses rushed to help the Armenian family, but unfortunately, the four-year-old boy died.

Two people, 29-year-old Byron Burkhart and 27-year-old Alexandria Gentile, were arrested on suspicion of murdering the child. Lancaster Mayor Rex Paris called the incident “a terrible form of domestic terrorism”. “You can’t come to the city and shoot a four-year-old boy…

I am not a big supporter of capital punishment. But some crimes require much more than what they give to people, because the situation is getting worse,” said the mayor.


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