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2010 With the amount of 15 million euros (the EBRD and the EIB allocated 5 million euros of state loans each, and the European Neighborhood Investment Instrument (ENI) – a 5 million euro grant), Phase I of the “Yerevan Metro Reconstruction Project” was launched. thanks to which the security system of the metro was significantly modernized, energy systems stabilized and efficiency increased.

Yerevan metro rehabilitation project Phase I. In the first stage of the project, 60 completely worn wheelchairs of 30 head cars of the metro were replaced, a technical train was purchased, and 34.6 km were installed. new cable, metro pumping stations were completely rehabilitated (replaced 76 pumps along with associated equipment), some important components of worn track elements were replaced.
At the same time, at the expense of savings, it was possible to repair and modernize 8 main cars of the metro. of the Yerevan metro rehabilitation project. Phase II 2012 year. 15 million with the amount of EUR (the EBRD, the EIB allocated a state loan of EUR 5 million each, and the European Neighborhood Investment Instrument (ENI) – a grant of EUR 5 million), Phase II of the Project was launched.
In Phase II, 12 head cars of the metro were repaired and modernized, a driver training center was established, various fire fighting equipments were purchased, and a car washing station was purchased and installed.

The main and largest component of Phase II is “Drainage tunnel extension and rehabilitation works in the subway running tunnels”.
2015 On April 27, a contract worth 10 252 300.4 (without VAT) (12 302 760.4 (with VAT)) was signed between Yerevan Metro and “Agazos” SL for the construction of the Zamakurda (drainage) tunnel. . According to the contract, the Contractor “Agazos” SL had to perform the following works.

site A: extension of the underground tunnel of the Metro by 930 meters, bringing it to the area adjacent to the pumping station of the “Republic Square” station. Site B: Filling the voids behind the support of the subway running tunnels, anti-corrosion works and earthworks.
According to the contract, the above works were to be completed in 2017. on August 19, but “Agazos” pays a fine (in the amount of 10% of the contract amount) in favor of Metropoliten for the compensation of damages caused by non-completion by that date.


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