Genetic characteristics that children inherit from their fathers

Children inherit from their fathers

What genetic “traits” do children inherit from fathers, and what “traits” from mothers?

Genetics is one of the most mysterious and interesting sciences.

Of course, a child inherits genes from both parents, but it will pick up a few dominant traits, both good and not so good, from its father.

Here are the genetic characteristics that children inherit from their fathers.

1. Heart disease

According to studies carried out by scientists at the University of Leicester, men who carry a certain type of chromosome are almost 50% more likely to be vulnerable to coronary artery disease (a condition characterized by reduced oxygen supply to the heart). And this property can be passed on to sons.

2. Mental disorders.

Among the mental disorders transmitted from men to children are schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The risk increases with the father’s age, as a man’s DNA mutates over the years. As for women, they are born with a specific set of eggs, and their DNA does not change throughout their lives.

3. Crooked teeth

Male genes responsible for teeth and jaw shape are stronger than female genes. From the father, the child can get not only crooked teeth, but also thin enamel.

4. Problems with reproduction

According to scientists, poor sperm quality can be a genetic problem. If the child was born as a result of in vitro fertilization, it is likely that he will also suffer from infertility.

5. Gender

Prediction can be made by studying the father’s family tree. If the sperm carries an X chromosome, it will be a girl when it combines with the mother’s X chromosome. And if there is a Y-chromosome in the sperm, it will be a boy. Researchers hypothesize that an as-yet-undiscovered gene is responsible for how the X and Y chromosomes will be distributed in sperm.

6. Eye color

Because the male genes dominate the female genes, the features and eye color are likely to be the same as the son’s.

7. Height

Height is highly dependent on paternal genes. Tall dads have tall kids.

A little more about intelligence

1. Intelligence is not passed down from father to son. That is, if you are a genius, your son will not 100% inherit your genes.

2. Dementia is not passed from father to son. I mean, if you’re an idiot, your son doesn’t have to be an idiot like you (for which we congratulate you).

3. Intelligence can be passed from father to daughter only. And that’s only half.

4. A man can inherit intelligence only from his mother, which the mother, in turn, inherited from her father.

5. Daughters of geniuses will be exactly half as smart as their father, but their sons will be geniuses. If their father is stupid, the girls will be exactly half as stupid as their father.

6. That’s why genius women are rare, just as 100% stupid women are extremely rare. Instead there are too many genius men and stupid men. Hence generations of failed alcoholics and single mothers, and also Nobel Prize winners (almost all male).

Implications for men

1. To predict the intellectual abilities of the son, one should look at the intellectual abilities of the wife’s father (if he is an academician, then your son will also be very intelligent).

2. Your daughter will get half your intelligence. But will also get half of your stupidity. He will be closer to you in intelligence. His son will receive all your mental abilities. Do you want a smart generation, dream of having a daughter?

3. Your mental abilities come from your mother, or rather from your grandfather.

Implications for women

1. Your son is a copy of your father in mind and praise him with words. “How stupid you are, just like your father” is not so appropriate.

2. Your daughter will be like you in upbringing, but in mental abilities like her father. And his sons will be mental copies of your husband.


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