Hayk Martirosyan writes: The Director of Public Radio, Garegin Khumaryan, is the first government official in the last thirty years of the Republic of Armenia to publicly rebel against his nationally treacherous leadership.

Publicly. Like Ghzik, he doesn’t write an application and agree to say that he is leaving for health reasons, or like Ghzik, he doesn’t leave and leaves the square like two foreign ministers who are accomplices to the regime.

He does it openly, publicly and does not leave. He is waiting for the prime minister to remove him. The Khumaryan brothers have never shone with their positive attitude towards me. To put it mildly, they never sympathized with me…

But this is not a matter of personalities. In Garegin’s attitude today, I see an extinct type of behavior of a man, a citizen, a true Armenian. And that is highly appreciated. I will cover the topic very soon and in a different format. But at this point, as things can move quickly, it is necessary to say… I was surprised by Khumaryan’s rather late, but not too late, speech. I have no hope that it will change anything in the country. But in the ocean of this disgusting patheticness, even if it is not very aggressive, even if it was done quite late, the manifestation of the national attitude is still worthy of appreciation…


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