Gagik Hamazaspovich, left life prematurely

Gagik Hamazaspovich

HEAVY BULK. Beloved Gagik Hamazaspovich died

Gagik Hovhannisyan died in the hospital

Anush Manucharyan writes:

“My beloved, bright, unique uncle, Gagik Hamazaspovich, left life prematurely.
The funeral will take place tomorrow, March 7, at 18:00-20:00 at the “Luel” funeral hall, located at 46 Nubarasheni highway. Last farewell on March 8 at 13:00 from the same place. »

It should be noted that on March 3, at 9:25 p.m., the driver of a “Nissan” car ran over Gagik Hovhannisyan on Fuchiki street in Yerevan.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated.

Notification. The person suspected or accused of the alleged crime is considered innocent, until his guilt is proven in accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code, by the court’s legally binding verdict.



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