Filip Anna

Philip Kirkorov has been singing for almost 33 years. Starting with a performance in the “Wider Circle” program with a song in Bulgarian, the singer managed to achieve not only the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, but also the unspoken title of the king of pop of the Russian stage, along with which came crowds of fans and universal recognition. Kirkorov still attracts the largest concert venues, and his hits, which have become more daring and somewhat hooligan, regularly find themselves at the top of the charts. It seems that his life has everything – a never-ending career, a luxurious home, the love of fans, loyal friends, beautiful and talented children… and incredible women who have always surrounded Kirkorov. Today we will remember the main ones.

“And suddenly she walked up to the table, looked at him and thought: ”This man, he has been faithful to you for so many years, what are you actually afraid of? ”. I felt that for the first time he truly loved,” Pugacheva told Arguments and Facts.
In 1994, Kirkorov and Pugacheva finally got married. They lived in marriage for 11 years. There have been a variety of rumors circulating about why this relationship ended (let us remember that Philip personally introduced Alla to her next husband, Maxim Galkin), but the heroes deny them all. What is known for certain is that not a single woman in his life could replace Pugacheva. “It was so difficult to find another after one queen. Nobody could stand the competition and comparison anyway. So it’s better to be alone


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