Fatal mistake

Fatal mistake․․․


The head of the Tzapar tribe made a fatal mistake

The ZLMs of Baku and Yerevan widely covered the “visits” of the Tzapar chief Aliyev to the occupied cities of Artsakh and the capital Stepanakert, where he placed flags and other Tzapar symbols.

This happened after the majority of indigenous people were expelled from Artsakh by the Putin-Pashinyan agreement, with the Russian-Zaparian actions.

Putin had a face-to-face meeting with Aliyev in Bishkek, after which he announced at a press conference that the issue of Artsakh is closed. Only after that Aliyev entered Stepanakert.

This is another evidence that without Putin and Pashinyan, Aliyev does not take any independent step, because he knows well what “Azerbaijan’s victory” is and how it was achieved.

It was the Russian scumbags who dug up the propaganda filth thrown from the sewers of the Kremlin and supported Putin and Nikol with agency theses.

The issue of Artsakh is not closed, despite the trio of Putin-Aliev-Pashinyan. “Azerbaijan’s victory” even now, and even more so now, depends on a thread, and that thread’s name is Pashinyan, together with the Kremlin gopnik.

The head of the Tsapar tribe has imposed a burden beyond his strength, related to the “usurpation” of huge territories and the crimes that accumulate day by day, which cannot be avoided either with the support of Pashinyan-Putin, or with the current external consensus.

“Victory” only stretches the “rubber” of the unit called Azerbaijan, which can be cut


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