Exclusive photos from today’s tragic accident

Exclusive photos from today’s tragic accident. VIDEO


Exclusive photos from today’s tragic accident. VIDEO

Today, February 21, a tragic car accident took place in Aragatsotn region.

At around 12:30, an Opel Zafira car, on the 71 km section of the Yerevan-Gyumri highway heading towards Yerevan, collided with a concrete curb placed on the newly constructed road, threw it a few meters,

moved forward, and collided with a Howo car parked outside the traffic lane in the permitted section of the road. truck, then drive forward and crash into another Howo truck parked in the permitted area of ​​the road.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports from the scene, as a result of the accident, 1 person died on the spot, 2 people were taken to Tallinn Medical Center with various degrees of physical injuries.

The on-duty team of Tallinn Hospital doctors acted promptly and provided first aid to the wounded before taking them to the hospital.

The dead and the injured were taken out of the car by Tallinn fire-rescuers using special equipment.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated in Tallinn’s investigative department, where the identities of the drivers, the deceased and the injured have been established.

One of the wounded was transferred from Tallinn Medical Center to Yerevan “Armenia” Medical Center.

C. According to Shamshyan, the deceased is the passenger of the Opel, and the driver and the other injured passenger are his relatives.



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