Evrotesil Vrndecin

On March 13, the song with which Armenia will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest was published.

“Ladaniva”, consisting of Armenian vocalist Jacqueline Baghdasaryan and French multi-instrumentalist Louis Thomas, is a bright fusion of Armenian folk and world music influences. From Balkan melodies to Maloya, Jazz and Reggae rhythms. their songs expand the boundaries of music, combining traditional Armenian melodies with sounds inspired by extensive travels in Latin America, Africa and Reunion Island. Ladaniva’s music is a reflection of the band’s multifaceted origins and insatiable interest in world culture.

The name Ladaniva is inspired by the name of an off-road SUV, symbolizing the group’s adventurous spirit and its journey through different cultures and traditions. Jacqueline and Louis accidentally learned that their fathers drove the same car when they lived in Armenia and France, and that’s how Ladaniva was born.

The picture of views of the song’s videos on YouTube is very different from the voting results. In terms of the number of views on YouTube, the Netherlands leads the list with 11 million views, and Croatia has 2.7 million views. For comparison, Ukraine has 3.6 million views, Spain – 2.6 million, Poland – 2.3 million, Italy and Greece – 2 million, Israel – 1.8, Finland – 1.7, Belgium – 1.6 million views, Lithuania – 1.4 million views, Switzerland – 1.3 million Armenia: about 1 million views.


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