Diana hogehangist

According to experienced doctors, the girl had no chance to see. It was a big deal for mom and dad. Diana’s parents were very wise, so they decided that their daughter would grow up and enjoy her childhood like other children.

Gurtskaya’s endurance was demonstrated from an early age. He understood that difficulties were waiting for him, but he was morally ready to go through his difficult path.

Diana has dreamed about the stage since she was a child. Music is a joy for him. Diana’s mother sees that her daughter is obsessed with music. At the age of eight, Gurtskaya was already studying at a boarding school for blind and visually impaired children in Tbilisi.

The girl managed to convince the music teachers that, despite everything, she will be able to learn to play the piano. Diana Gurtskaya appeared on the big stage at the age of 10. The girl sang a duet with singer Irma Sokhadze. Little Diana and the famous singer performed on the stage of the Tbilisi Philharmonic. For Gurtskaya, being on stage was a good experience.


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