Diana Hivandutyu

The peak of the singer’s popularity was reached in the early 2000s. Many people know that Diana is blind. However, this did not prevent the girl from building a dizzying career and becoming an honored artist of the Russian Federation.

Among others, the singer is a member of the public chamber. Gurtskaya is an active participant in charity events.

Diana participates in campaigns to support the disabled. Childhood and adolescence of Diana Gurtskaya
Diana Gurtskaya is the singer’s real name. The future star was born in Sukhum in 1978.

The girl grew up in an ordinary, intelligent family. His father was a former miner and his mother was a teacher. Diana’s parents raised 2 more brothers and a sister. When Diana was born, her parents did not know that their daughter was suffering from blindness.

It wasn’t until Diana lost her bearings and fell off the couch that they suspected something was wrong. Then my mother sought the help of doctors, and they made a disappointing diagnosis: blindness.


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