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David’s 18th birthday did not become a holiday… New details

“If I were in Artsakh, I wouldn’t let David go to that cursed area.

I definitely wouldn’t leave it, because 15 soldiers were killed in Azat village with a can of gasoline, and after that I am very careful with those flammable materials.

A tragic incident happened on my son’s 18th birthday, and his cheerful, honest and kind-hearted soul is now in heaven,” David’s mother, Ira Zakaryan, told MediaHub.

Ira moved to Armenia with her young son through the Red Cross during the blockade due to health problems and research.

However, the young woman was not at ease here, in her father’s house, because the family is on the other side of the barricade and the humanitarian and security crisis was deepening.

“I always called worried, I wanted to join my family a minute ago, but Davit said: “Mom, you don’t need to come, we stand in line for bread, we often return home empty-handed, everything is a problem, stay.” One day he said that if this continues, we will come to Armenia,” recalls our interlocutor.

Siege, war, uncertain situation and migration. It is natural that David’s birthday would not be a holiday, but his father wanted to have dinner with family members and relatives in the evening. “On the morning of September 25, David, realizing that the Azerbaijanis are already in the Krkzhan district, went to our house. I called to tell him to come down early, I was worried, he said, “Mom, I came to our house to bathe for the last time. The Turks are not far from our house, I see them, but nothing will happen to me, be calm,” I asked him to go home as soon as possible,” says Ira. The son’s 18th birthday never happened, because the tragic incident shattered the dreams of both Ira and hundreds of his lucky families. “They went out with my husband Davit, he went to his workplace, and Davit stayed at the “Flash” gas station. After standing in line for a long time, when they did not bring fuel, he came home tired. At that time, our friend Narek called and informed that fuel is being provided in Haykazov. David didn’t want to go, he was tired, then his uncle asked his son and David: “Do you want to go?” They agreed with each other and left, and the incident happened in the evening.” “When I opened my eyes, I was on fire. My legs were burnt, but since it was raining, I managed to rub the rainwater on my face, gather my senses and go out. When I was sober, there was no one to help me, I was looking for Arsen, but he wasn’t there either. I came a few meters ago, a stranger helped me and brought me to the hospital with his car,” Davit told his friend at the Republican Medical Center of Stepanakert. That day, the boy remained under the supervision of doctors, besides his legs, he received other burns, but he was most worried about not leaving scars on his face. The next day, he was also taken to Armenia by helicopter.

“I asked the doctors to enter the palace and stay with my son. I have 3 sons, but Davit was not only special because he was the firstborn, but he was a friend, a real friend to me. Under “Systems”, he kept asking everyone if we got out safely, were they able to find gasoline, he was interested in everyone. I reassured him that he should only think about himself in this situation. There were people in a very serious condition in the hospital. I asked the medical staff to transfer him to the intensive care unit, he was not breathing, besides, his feet and hands were badly burned and needed to be cleaned.” After being transferred to the intensive care unit, the doctors injected Davit with drugs twice, after he woke up, his health gradually deteriorated. The mother also considers the incident to be a consequence of the doctors’ negligence. According to Ira, after Davt’s death, he was in a state of shock. “And I don’t know how I live after that, why I live and whether I live at all?” How could one be so negligent, how many families were unhappy as a result of irresponsible work? They couldn’t solve a gasoline issue, they caused so much pain to the family,” Ira cries. According to his mother, although Davit was 18 years old, after finishing the 9th grade, he was admitted to an agricultural college, at the same time, he studied hairdressing and was involved in sports. He left for Russia to work in his aunt’s beauty salon for 3 months. After returning to Stepanakert, he did his favorite job in one of the local salons. However, the parents were even more surprised when they found out that their son was attending drone training courses. He was also admitted to the university, he was a first-year student of the physical education department. “Everyone was wondering how he managed to do all that. I missed my David, he didn’t come, they brought him, the colors of my life faded, I lost love and faith and everything,” he added.


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