Cafe Bezrukov

As you know, famous Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov arrived in Armenia with his wife and family… He will act in one of the Armenian films. But now we will not talk about the professional work of the actor, but about his human qualities…

Bezrukov with his family visited one of Yerevan’s restaurants today and gave a surprise to those present. Eyewitnesses say that after closing the account, the waiters were stunned..

The reason was that the beloved actor, in the form of a big tip, expressed his gratitude for the good service and said the following words:
“It was a great honor for us to enjoy the Armenian cuisine and it was even more pleasant to have such a professional and warm service from you. I had no doubt that Armenians know how to receive guests well. When the actor left the hall with his family, the waiter took the bill and to his surprise it was so big that the latter could not control himself..

It turned out that Bezrukov left a $500 tip, despite the fact that their bill was only AMD 35,000…


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