Bezrukov Yerevan

Famous Russian actor and producer Sergey Bezrukov arrived in Armenia. Exclusive details below:
The beloved actor came to Yerevan with a very important question. He is going to star in one of the Armenian films…
Before going into the details, we should mention that Bezrukov has always been one of those artists who spoke warmly about Armenia and considered the Armenian nation a friend.

First of all, let’s note that the 24-part criminal suspense drama called “Holy” caused a great stir in the Armenian film industry…
Dozens of popular actors in one project. New quality and reality in the world of Armenian series.

Naturally, it is planned that the 2nd part of the series will be released, and this is where the surprise awaits…
The famous Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov may play the role of a Russian criminal who moved to Armenia… We wish you success


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