Bacarik kadrer got the photos of the accident of the “Ural” of the Ministry of Defense, which took the lives of 4 soldiers. 20 soldiers are in the hospital with various physical injuries.

A little while ago, the Investigative Committee reported that today, in connection with the accident of the “Ural” car transporting the servicemen of the N military unit of the RA Defense, as a result of which 4 servicemen died and a number of servicemen received injuries of various degrees, in the 9th Garrison Investigative Department of the Main Military Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee. criminal proceedings were initiated under the characteristics of part 4 of Article 538 of the Criminal Code (violation of the rule of driving or operating a combat, special or transport vehicle, which caused the death of two or more persons by negligence). This is reported by the Investigative Committee.

“An investigative team has been formed and a preliminary investigation is being carried out in order to find out the full circumstances of the incident with a tragic outcome, the causes of the accident. At the moment, the investigators are carrying out primary investigative and operational activities, including the inspection of the scene of the incident and the wrecked car. The RA Investigative Committee will make announcements regarding the results of the investigation. We urge you to refrain from publishing unspecified information,” said the CC statement.



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