Avinyan’s wife, Mariam

Avinyan’s wife, Mariam



“Avinyan’s wife, Mariam. This video is not accidental.” Gagik Hambaryan

Political scientist Gagik Hambaryan’s Facebook post: “Любите и жалуйте” is the wife of “dry” Tico.

“Chreri Tiko’s girlfriend is Mariam… She started a business of care products with girlfriends and she herself starred in an advertisement…

But it seems as if underwear or a night club is being advertised…
The man, Tiko, is “feet” and so is the woman…..

By the way, I don’t think this appeared by accident now…

Not only does Nicole use her own family members to distract the public from important events, she also uses her teammates and their family members as well.”

Let us remind you that Tigran Avinyan’s wife has started a care products business, opened a new brand with her girlfriends, and is personally promoting that brand by appearing in a commercial…

It’s him in the video and pictures. Watch below:


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