Why not kiss your child on the lips.

Celebrities and common residents often publish photos where they kiss their children on the lips. And every time it arouses violent arguments on social networks, especially the Beckhams get it. We decided to find out if it is possible to kiss children on the lips or not. Personal boundaries Lips belong to one of the … Read more

What zodiac signs oppress others.

According to astrologers, there is a powerful trio of zodiac signs that suppresses others. As soon as these people appear somewhere, the rest “turn tail”. So who are they – the most complex zodiac signs and what is the reason for such a strong impact? Leo Of course, Lions are one of the most powerful … Read more

A rubbish bag or a trendy thing? Why has the new Balenciaga bag made so much noise on the Websites?

The Balenciaga fashion house is popular for its bold and sometimes provocatively shocking aesthetics. There are enough fans of this aesthetic, but there are also lots of those who are incredulous. Not everyone realizes the style in which Balenciaga creates their dresses, accessories, shoes and images in general. So, now the new Balenciaga bag has … Read more