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The driver of “ZIL” approached the pshreks saying “Save me from Mehribshn”

On May 2, an extraordinary incident took place in Ararat region.

Around 2:40 p.m., the driver of a “ZIL” car, a resident of Ararat Marz, 34-year-old Felix Geghamyan, approached the 1st battalion of the Ararat Marz Police Patrol Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs on duty in the Artashat administrative area of ​​the Yerevan-Yeraskh highway, near the speedometer. to the commander of the 1st platoon of the company Surik Barseghyan and senior patrolman Aram Nazaryan and junior patrolman Edward Asatryan and informed that he noticed a snake in the cabin of his car.

As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, the patrols immediately demarcated the area, then alerted the National 9-11 Crisis Management Center of the Rescue Service of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs.

1 combat unit from Artashat fire-rescue squad No. 23 arrived promptly and the rescuers and patrols found the snake in the cabin of the car as a result of searching for more than 1 hour using a special device, after which the rescuers neutralized it and released the snake to a safe place.

The driver, who was in a state of shock, told reporter:

“It’s good, I noticed the snake early, for a moment I thought it was a dream, I could see it, but for safety I approached the road patrols, who came and closed all four sides of the car and called 9-11.

In a short time, the rescuers also came, who found the snake, whose name has already been named Mehriban, in the car and took it out. Now I can drive home safely, safely.”



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