Ariana (Armenuhi) Hovsepyan, the founder-director of the website, published a video on the night of January 24-25 and reported that they tried to set her car on fire. He stated that he knows who is the author of what happened, and later the perpetrator, a person named Martin Amirkhanyan, admitted on his Facebook page that the above was his handiwork.
In a conversation with “Iravunk” A. Hovsepyan said that according to his information, M. Amirkhyan is already in the police. He expressed his hope that the latter should definitely serve his punishment within the limits of the law.
– Who is Martin Amirkhanyan? Why did he take such a step? Did you know each other?
– He is my close friend’s husband. They are on the verge of divorce because of threats to kill the wife, taking the children out of the house and leaving them on the street. I helped my close friend, because even before this incident, the car was taken secretly, in the name of her wife, and pawned. We went, took the car from the “pawnshop” but did not give it to him. And seeing that I was supporting his wife, he threatened to kill me too..

He used to say: “I will kill both of you, I have nothing to lose, I will take care of myself for 10 years.” In fact, he plays with his wife’s name, does not think about children, is in an inadequate condition, but presents himself to everyone as a “good guy”. Meanwhile, the good guy does not take his wife and children out of the house on this winter day and does not change the lock of the house.
– Martin Amirkhanyan admitted on his Facebook page that he set the car on fire. What do you say about this?
– He shamelessly put his picture on his page and wrote that he did it all due to personal problems. Who are you to have personal problems with me? He didn’t even think about his school children. Children cry every day and say: “Ariana Kurik, will you come to our house so that papa doesn’t suddenly beat or hurt mommy?”…

I will go to the end, he should actually take the “srok” he said. What else can you say to a man who pulled a knife on his wife twice in front of the children? I have always worked so that they remain a united family, they come to their senses that this cannot be done, they have a normal family, normal children…
– In fact, can we state that there is no political context in what happened?
– This time, no, there is no political context. It is not my fault that I stand by his wife and support her. I picked him up from the street and took him home, when he took his wife and children out of the house, he didn’t even let them take his clothes and books. Hrant Sarafyan


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