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“The European Union has taken the necessary steps, forming the framework in which Armenia has real opportunities to move, but the decisions are ultimately taken by the Armenian authorities. If they don’t want to go that way, then it is clear that nothing will move,” said Arzumanyan. According to the political scientist, when looking at the security component in RA-EU relations, it should be understood that this component is unique in that structure. The EU is ready to provide possible means so that Armenia can develop its security system. The EU is not a military alliance and does not have military forces to provide direct support, it simply has the ability to provide this support through appropriate funds and instruments.

“It is necessary to be clearly aware and not to have high hopes, not to have such expectations that have nothing to do with reality. The EU has promised to help and is fulfilling its promise in this regard. Our cooperation with individual countries of the structure is another matter, thanks to which our country is able to establish closer ties with EU member states. Although these countries also have the right to directly support Armenia, when the steps are in the general European policy, strategy and European Parliament resolutions, then it is easier for the Armenian authorities to work. It is the only constructive way that our country can follow,” said Arzumanyan.

Evaluating the work of the EU observers carrying out an observation mission on the borders of Armenia, the political scientist emphasized that it is one of the measures whose effectiveness we have already been able to assess in 2023-24. According to him, the presence of observers allows Armenia to more effectively neutralize the potential aggression that Azerbaijan is preparing for, and in general there have been escalations in those parts of the border where European observers were not stationed. According to Arzumanyan, that mission is really very useful for us today.


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