Arajin kadrery

This is the youngest station. It was built when the main metro line was already in operation. It opened its doors to passengers quite recently, in 1987. The station is located in a densely populated area of Yerevan, where city life is in full swing. Next to the station is the capital’s largest “Russia” cinema building, on the first floor of which there is a tea room “Русь”.

On the first floor of the residential building in front of the cinema there are railway ticket offices and “Aeroflot” ticket offices for pre-sale and ticket orders, and on the other side of the cinema, on the boulevard, friend of the Armenian people A. S. It is the monument of Griboyedov, whose play “Woe to wit” was staged for the first time in Yerevan in 1828.

The great writer turned his penetrating gaze to the distance and seems to be thinking about the past, present and future of the Armenian people. Another bronze monument is erected not far from here, which was erected in honor of Vardan Mamikonian, the leader of the Armenian liberation movement of the 5th century. From Oktemberyan station, you can also easily walk to the ever-abundant No. 1 collective farm market. The publishing house of the CPC Central Committee, the State Circus, the Executive Committee of the City Council, ready-made clothing, footwear, and souvenir shops are located a few tens of meters from the Oktemberyan station. , “Optika” shop-hall, GUM, State Academic Theater named after the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. G. Sundukyan, Actor’s House, bookstores. Many restaurants, snack bars, cafes and various cultural centers are also located here.


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