Anita Gevorgyan

Kindness and care will save the world. There is simply no alternative to it

An exciting incident happened during the event in Moscow. Some time after the incident, when it was already possible to some extent for the security forces and doctors to enter the concert hall, that’s when an incredible incident happened…

Naturally, even though the security forces had allowed the doctors to enter, the suspicion was still very high, because at any moment there could be an irreversible incident. It was mentioned that the hall was not completely freed.

And here, even at that time, Anita Gevorgyan, a resident of Moscow, gave her consent, even in case of great doubt, to enter the hall and provide first aid…

When that girl entered, the situation in the hall was still very confused, people were confused, however, the doctor kept her calm as if she was making another emergency visit… And seeing his calmness and courage, we became peaceful and understood that we were saved. eyewitnesses noted


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