Alla Yerevan

As it is known, Alla Pugacheva moved to Armenia with her family due to the tense situation in Israel. More than once, Pugachova mentioned her great love and warm attitude towards the Armenian people..

And here today, the prima donna surprised the visitors of one of the restaurants in Yerevan with her unexpected and beautiful act…
The queen of Russian pop music appealed to the staff of the restaurant, asking them to allow her to perform one song and dedicate it to the audience and the friendly Armenian nation…

The visitors of the restaurant were pleasantly surprised when Pugacheva started singing. That scene was even more exciting when he performed the joint song of Anatoly Dneprov and Tata Simonyan, “Армения моя”.

According to eyewitnesses, the guests of the restaurant complex gave the singer a standing ovation for about 10 minutes.


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