Aliyev Kond

Azerbaijan applied to UNESCO to declare Yerevan’s Kond district as “Tepebashi” and declare it Azerbaijani..

In parallel, a group of figures demand to stop declaring the Blue Mosque of Yerevan Iranian and to call it Azeri..

By the way, official Baku demands from UNESCO that the latter accuses Armenia of “cultural genocide”..

UNESCO will most likely fulfill Baku’s wishes, because Yerevan’s pro-Turkish government does not have “time” to deal with Armenian defense… Gagik Hambaryan wrote.

The 4th century monastic complex founded by Lusavorc, where the first Mashtotsian school is located, where the tomb of St. Grigoris is located, fell on September 19.

The guard of the Amaras Monastery is on Papazyan Street in Yerevan, and in Amaras are the footsteps of Azerbaijani policemen.

Karlen Avanesyan was alone in the monastery in recent months. The abbot stayed in Yerevan due to the blockade, there were no pilgrims, there was no gasoline for prayer. Only he was the guard.


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