Aliyev end Put-in

First of all, let’s note that the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, said at the Valda rally that he learned about Armenia’s recognition of Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan from the press, noting that Russia was not notified separately at that time:
“In Prague, they (Armenia) recognized that Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan, and then at the beginning of 2023 they repeated the same thing a second time in a similar meeting in Brussels, but you know, although this probably shouldn’t have happened in our country, but anyway..

By the way , nobody told us about it. I personally learned about it from the press,” said V. Putin during the session of the Valdai International Club. In fact, Putin publicly blamed Aliyev for getting out of his head, as for Armenia, the waters have not flowed in the same stream for a long time, but it was unexpected for Putin that Aliyev would do such a thing..

It is reported that the President of the Russian Federation, already in a closed session, scolded Aliyev, saying the following… I was sure that he (Aliyev) will coordinate his steps on the Karabakh issue with us, but in fact I made a mistake. Nevertheless, I think that the mistake was his (Aliev) and he should give a clear answer for his secret behavior…


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