“I warn about a new danger, the target of which are minor girls and young women.” C. Hayrapetyan

Journalist, presenter Gohar Hayrapetyan wrote on his Facebook page. “As a journalist and a mother, I consider it my duty to warn about a new danger, the target of which is again minor girls and young women.

A subsidiary of the famous “Shameful 18+” was opened in “Telegram”. It is called “Just Judge”. They also have “Tik Tok”.

The handwriting is the same. they write to various young girls on social networks, blackmail them, scare them that they will make p*rn**raphic pictures with photoshop, distribute them and embarrass them.

Asking for real pictures, naive, inexperienced girls already send real pictures out of fear. Or they go with another option. Under the pretext of getting to know a nice guy, he starts writing, courting, persuading, receiving pictures from girls, after which they publish them, post personal information, links to social networks, even nude pictures and smear their sexually transmitted disease on the child.

This is a consequence of the total indifference of the police system. When I wrote months ago, raised the issue, appealed to all relevant authorities, warned that this was going very badly, there was no response. I warn you once again. Those radical lovers of darkness want to turn Armenia into Afghanistan.

No one’s child is insured or protected from this. If you want to prevent all this, we need real reforms. And for this, the Minister of Internal Affairs should come to the NA podium and answer the questions of citizens, journalists and, if there are concerned deputies, their questions.

Follow the link and join the petition, protect yourself and your sheep. I am also posting the signature link in the comment section. The future of our children depends on our activism. Just follow the link and join the petition.”


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