The dog attacked the citizen and tore him to pieces. details of the incident

Recently, a citizen who was attacked by a dog was operated on. Shushan Danielyan, the head of staff of YSU University, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“A few days ago, a 73-year-old citizen was transferred from Vagharshapat Hospital to Heratsi University Hospital after being bitten by a dog. Doctors assessed the victim’s condition as serious.

The patient had lacerations to his left upper extremity and neck. Surgery was performed by neurosurgeons and microsurgeons.

The patient is in the post-operative period, under the supervision of specialists,” he noted.

Let’s remind that on January 26, around 10:30, an alarm was received from Heratsi University Hospital No. 1 that a woman from “Vagharshapat” medical center was taken to them by the emergency team of doctors due to a dog bite.

Local doctors told the police that the wounded man was brought to the hospital with the diagnosis of “multiple bite wounds on the head, neck, limbs” and is unable to explain what happened because he is in the operating room.

The police found out that the person taken to the hospital is 73-year-old Aida N., a resident of Armavir region.

It was found out that the incident took place on the same day, early in the morning, and the injured person works in the utility service of Etchmiadzin Municipality as a cleaner and she was on the job when a stray dog ​​attacked her.


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