TRAGEDY IN ARMENIA. 3 people died. There are 55 wounded. What happened?

According to the summaries of police operative reports, on December 22-25, the police units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia discovered 136 cases of crime, 6 of which were previously committed.

In particular: 24 cases of causing bodily injury, 22 cases of fraud, 17 cases of drug detection, 15 cases of theft of personal property, 6 cases of physical assault, 5 cases of failure to fulfill professional duties by a medical worker, 4 cases of hooliganism.

Kidnapping of a person, theft of entrusted property and interfering with the official’s official activities – 3 each, extortion, confiscation of weapons and ammunition, drug sale and family violence – 2 each, negligent killing,

causing bodily injury resulting in death, robbery, robbery, computer hacking, destroying or damaging property, illegal hunting, illegal cutting of trees and bushes, committing sexual acts against a person under 16 years of age,

1 case each of illegal extraction of soil, forgery of a document, violence against a judge, prosecutor, investigator and representative of an investigative body, violation of privacy of personal or family life, violation of labor protection rules, evasion of alimony payment and use of a forged document.

1 missing and 13 wanted were found. 4 wanted persons voluntarily presented themselves.

Of the previously committed crimes, 2 cases of robbery, 1 case each of murder, sexual violence, theft of personal property and other crimes were revealed.

During the past 3 days, 42 traffic accidents were recorded in the republic. 3 people were killed, 55 were injured in various degrees.



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