EMERGENCY. The people of Tatev will…

Naira Zohrabyan writes:

“This girl will die in the fortress. As during the court session, Armen Grigoryan died in front of the cameras. Tatev has serious health problems.

I don’t know why they decided to kill Tatev, but keeping the mother of two minor children in custody is murder.

Can’t they see that the American ambassador, who considers Armenia a beacon of democracy, sees that this girl is being killed?

Did he hit the light of the beacon of democracy and squint his eye?”

Let’s remind that Tatevik Virabyan, who is being held in prison, fainted again yesterday. His lawyer Arsen Babayan warns about this.

“Doctors are watching. At the moment, the situation is stable,” the lawyer elaborates.

He fainted for the first time on October 15 in the cell of Abovyan prison.


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