4 zinvor

The Facebook post of the agriculturist Harutyun Mnatsakanyan caused a great commotion. Look what happened…
“I am writing a story, for me it is only one who will believe it, but no,” said one of my military friends, and I hope that after some time, these stories will be written down by eyewitnesses and such guys will be evaluated according to their merits, unfortunately, posthumously. …

During the combat operations of September 13, when there was a ceasefire and they had to exchange bodies, one of the Azerbaijani commanders approached the representative of our side, showed the bodies of four soldiers, and said:
“After finding out the identity of these guys, you will pay the respect you deserve, four of them fought to the end against our army numbering several dozen. Seeing that our side could not take the base, they used all possible means of artillery and ATS in their direction…

When we got up and saw that there were only four people, we simply did not believe that such a thing was possible. I personally stood in front of their bodies, took honor and took out four bullets from my personal weapon and put them in their chests (actually, I don’t know why they do that).

It is sad that until now our side did not even announce a day of mourning for more than 200 martyrs. These stories must be written down”.


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