Tasks that only one person out of ten will be able to solve.

The brain needs to be trained continuously. Memory, mindfulness, logic – all this can be helpful to you at any time. That’s why we like to mess with puzzles from time to time, solving crosswords or riddles. Just a couple of the latter we have. They will perfectly test your mindfulness and logic.
Who’s lying?

The guy went back to camping after snowboarding.He decided to examine his belongings and unexpectedly noticed that part of the food supply was missing.The guy asked his friends: did they see the bag with his supplies?? One girl replied that she had been riding all day and hadn’t noticed anything strange. And the second girl said that she spent the entire day sitting by the fire, drinking juice.The young man smiled: he figured out which of the girls had lied to him, but how??

Who is pregnant?

Take a good glance at the following picture and tell me which of these girls is pregnant. Think carefully and take your time with the answer.

How many matches?
Will you be able to calculate all the matches painted in the picture?

Findings of the policeman

The man phoned the police on the first of January and informed them about the theft. He said that someone stole his valuables while he was celebrating the New Year with his neighbours. He also said that the party was stunning and the Christmas lights were the brightest in his life. The man suspects his neighbour, who threw a party of everything. When the policeman came to her for interrogation, he instantly understood that the man had lied to him. How did he guess?

Connect the dots
And how are you with geometry? Can you connect all the dots with three lines and even without removing your finger from the drawing?
Here are the answers.

1. The girl with the juice lying.If she had been sitting by the fire all the time, the ice in the glass would have melted long ago.

2. A girl with undone shoelaces. Since she is pregnant, it is hard for her to reach for her sneakers to tie her shoelaces.
3. There are only eight matches painted on the picture.

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