Things we’ve been doing wrong all our lives.

The power of habit is truly awful. How many small things we do during the day without even thinking about them. Everything happens mechanically at the level of reflexes. But many little things that we are used to, in reality, only harm us. Well, or just less productive.
Wash with hot water
Among the morning rituals, we always have washing. Many do it with hot or at least warm water. But in this case, the skin has to develop more materials to stay dry. It is good to wash your face with cold or slightly warm water. Of the nice bonuses- this removes swelling.
Flush the toilet
By flushing the toilet with the lid open, we spread a lot of bacteria throughout the room. After all, during the flush, drops fly in all sides, which include microbes, including dangerous ones.To prevent this, it is advised to always close the lid before flushing.
Quick meal
Yes, of course, few people manage to set aside enough time to eat.Almost everything has to be done on the run. However, specialists say that fast meals lead to fatness, because the brain merely does not have time to recognize what has already been eaten.Therefore, often the brain seems to make us overeat.
Morning coffee
Who would reject a cup of coffee at the very start of a long day? On the one hand, it relieves sleepiness, but also stimulates the secretion of cortisol. During the day, cortisol has three points when it is released in the largest amounts. One of them is the time after waking up. And taking coffee can teach the body not to release cortisol in the morning at all.
Stir the sugar
It is difficult to search for a person who would stir sugar in a cup not in a round motion, but in some other way.After all, it is just very convenient.However, if you drive a spoon along one line, the sugar is mixed much faster.And there are much fewer occasional splashes.
Banana Peel
We are sure that you, too, like us, peel a banana, starting from the top. That’s what most people do. And it turns out that if you start cleaning it from the bottom, that is, from the leg, it is much more comfortable and quicker.

And this is just a small portion of the things that we do wrong.So many things people are already used to doing precisely this way that they do not even think that it is not what is right, but in overall it may be different.

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