Why not kiss your child on the lips.

Celebrities and common residents often publish photos where they kiss their children on the lips. And every time it arouses violent arguments on social networks, especially the Beckhams get it. We decided to find out if it is possible to kiss children on the lips or not.
Personal boundaries
Lips belong to one of the private edges of our body. Child psychologists think that when kissing on the lips, adults show the child that this border is always open for him and that anyone can invade over it.
For an inexperienced child’s psyche, this can become one of the conditions for the development of victim syndrome. The child will grow up to be an uncertain person, unable to say “no” to others.
They try to emulate adults, especially their parents.Therefore, if kissing on the lips is regarded as something normal in the family, the child will repeat it with strangers.
They will kiss other people on the lips without understanding the true significance of this gesture. Therefore, psychologists advise kissing children only on the forehead or cheeks.
Doctors warn that there are many various bacteria living in a person’s mouth.They are safe for other adults, but they can harm the child, because his immune system is much slighter.
Maybe it looks harmless and cute, but do not forget that a kiss on the lips is a quite private gesture. And it is certainly not designed for children.

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